A Template & Comparison Tool; What’s New, Changed, and Removed

  • IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Before you upgrade to Madrid, review the upgrade information for any products you may have. Some products require you to complete specific tasks before you upgrade.


This is the essential guide is for anyone planning an upgrade from London to Madrid family releases. What you will find here are the ServiceNow features and products that were introduced, updated, or removed.


The purpose of this document is to provide an overall understanding of ServiceNow London and Madrid version releases.

Upon reading this document you should have a greater understanding of the features and capabilities incorporated within ServiceNow London and Madrid version releases. As well as a firm understanding of any new, changed, and removed functionality or features in the ServiceNow Madrid version release.

WHY use it?

Do any of these examples sound familiar? Your receive a request from your organization CHRO who has been asking for XYZ capabilities with the ServiceNow HR tool you just deployed in Kingston or London release. As part of your diligence activities, you need to know if you are tasked with developing requested functionality or if upgrading to Madrid addresses his/her request?


If your management or customer base has asked you, “What’s the difference between release x and y”?


“Do you know what has changed in release x and how that compares to our current release”?


“How will this impact or enhance our current configurations?”

So you spend countless hours going through ServiceNow release note documentation, asking ServiceNow community experts, etc. and need to translate/insert applicable information into excel, powerpoint, or word format so that the business and IT organizations are able to utilize data collected during the analysis and discovery phases and deciding to GO/NO GO strategy and planning efforts.

Now those are only a handful of use cases for WHY you need to insert this document into your discovery processes. I’m sure if you’ve been around IT, consultancy, or business long enough you can think of a million more and YOU are why I decided to create this document.

HOW to use it?

The actual usage is purely up to you and your organizational needs. But the following are a few examples of how I’ve applied, inserted, presented to customers. As a template and visual aid with customers to show the connection between current and future state alignment with architecture/strategy, a comparison guide between versions, a training tool to support pre/post-training efforts, project planning activities, I’ve built it into/out in ServiceNow as a dashboard and as a report. Hopefully, these examples have provided a good starting point for ways your organization could create or enhance current organizational processes today.

WHAT’s Inside Madrid (From ServiceNow)

The Madrid release uses cloud-based AI to deliver elegant, intuitive experiences for employees and customers. It features powerful intelligence, designed into the Now Platform that allows customers to quickly deploy ready-made chatbots, and even build their own custom chatbots, using a drag-and-drop interface and little or no code.

The Madrid release includes more than 600 innovations. It ships with a number of powerful mobile apps for common workflows, including our flagship IT Service Management and Field Service Management products. It also gives customers the power to turn any digital workflow into a mobile-first experience. For example, with the new ServiceNow Mobile Studio, anyone can build new apps quickly using a drag-and-drop interface that doesn’t require a single line of code.

Official Announcement ServiceNow Blog – Madrid Announcement


The proceeding slides are a sampling of the full document.

The FULL document/template includes a richer, deeper, and comprehensive side-by-side comparison of the New, Enhanced (Changed), and Removed features released in Madrid family as provided by ServiceNow resources.

Also included within the FULL version: Bonus material includes templates for captioning customer and/or organizational data such as e.g Current vs Future State, Incoming/Outgoing Dependancies, and Release version F/B comparison.

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