In the Kingston and London family, ServiceNow features and products were introduced, updated, or removed. This is a great resource if for example you need to know if a feature or enhancement that you or your organization have been asking for is now included or if you need to go with plan B. However, its not ideal for understanding the differences between release versions.

Thus why I decided to create this document and share it with others who might be in the same situation with the original intent that it could be used as a template. But understand that it could also be used to support training, project planning activities, or recreated as a dashboard in ServiceNow as examples.

I found and you may be as well, that I was increasingly being asked “Whats the difference between release x and y”? OR “Do you know what has changed in release x and how that compares to our current release”? and a slew of others and needed to scramble through ServiceNow release note documentation and then insert what was relevant to the “companies” ServiceNow install base into excel, powerpoint, or word format so that the business and IT organizations were able use when deciding GO/NO GO and plan accordingly.

The proceeding is a sample of the full document, which is a more comprehensive side-by-side comparison, with a deeper review of the release notes provided by ServiceNow and sections that can be used to capture things such as – current state vs future state or potential risks and concerns that may need further investigation and/or analysis as they pertain to your organizational specific ServiceNow or IT environment needs as examples. I’m not going to spend time on the details of the full document but I’d be happy to connect with you and/or your organization and welcome invitations and opportunities.

However, the purpose of this document is to provide an overall understanding of ServiceNow Kingston and London version releases.

Upon reading this document you should have a greater understanding of the features and capabilities incorporated within ServiceNow Kingston and London version releases. As well as a firm understanding of any new, changed, and removed functionality or features in ServiceNow London version release. The WYNTK (What You Need To Know) about Whats New, What’s Changed, and What’s Removed between ServiceNow’s Kingston release and newest release of London.

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