ServiceNow is at the heart of what I do, but my clients come to me to architect, frame, innovate, and cultivate customer and employee experiences.

As a former ServiceNow employee and customer, I understand the challenges ahead and know how to get you to your destination. Therefore, d/b/a EcoStratus Technologies, I focus on helping clients understand their IT service management capabilities by listening, then asking the right questions so I can navigate you through the increasing layers of complexity that deliver transformational solutions.

What I Do 

I transform your business and IT service management vision into reality.

I transcribe, architect, and implement processes encompassing wide-ranging client issues, allowing us to dive deep and drive the successful delivery of integrations across functions. From the beginning, I embed myself within your business for strategic activities that drive organizational alignment, prioritization, solution design, and success criteria.

What I’ve Accomplished d/b/a EcoStratus Technologies:

Since 2012, d/b/a EcoStratus Technologies, I have worked on over 250 cloud projects, completed over 100 ServiceNow implementations and 100+ ServiceNow upgrades, developed 1000’s integrations, and trained more than 500 ServiceNow professionals.

► Designed and implemented a comprehensive NOW® product strategy for a global biotechnology company to serve and engage 19,500 users globally.

► Accelerated strategy implementation by 62% through the creative development, coordination, and application of intelligent automation systems for an enterprise software company.

► Headed global employee service center redesign, creating a primary HR access point and vital bridge to all employees for a global biotechnology company.

► Executed process optimization changes, leading to 70% faster POC cycle times and elevating innovation speed, UX, and time-to-market while reducing development costs.

► Drove the successful execution of projects valued between $100K and $2M while serving as a primary customer liaison and brand ambassador and delivering exceptional customer experiences throughout the project lifecycle.

► Increased NPS by 9.5% Y-o-Y by augmenting Return on Experience (ROX) for Employee (EX) and Customer (CX) Experience.

Why EcoStratus is Different 

Only EcoStratus Technologies can bring 15 years of best practices to every project and guarantee its success. As a result, EcoStratus is distinctly positioned between classic management consultants and breakthrough technical designers.

EcoStratus is an independent, 100% veteran-owned, referral ServiceNow and cloud consultancy practice with a rich history of curating, cultivating, and delivering transformational results essential for meeting unique business needs and providing a modern customer experience for today’s modern organizations, all on the NOW® platform. 

► Proactively address people’s needs, impacts, and challenges through each project phase. My approach focuses on organizational and individual transitions needed to reduce risk, realize ROI, and sustain long-term performance.

► Get support from someone who’s been in your shoes with the expertise to keep your business running throughout your journey. Quickly identify and resolves issues, accelerate upgrades and optimize performance.

The EcoStratus Guarantee ensures the success of client engagements and leverages the most successful agile methodology in the world to deliver immediate and tangible value for your business. EcoStratus helps clients attain efficient, responsible business performance gaining the label of tomorrow’s business-standard. You can count on EcoStratus to be a partner and deliver the right capabilities and resources to aid your success.

Thank you in advance for the invitation to join you on your transformation journey, and I look forward to the partnership,

Kind Regards,