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8 Steps for Creating a Service Catalog Users Will Enjoy Using



How did this simple conversation between colleagues become a blog post? This all started as most do, as a conversation between two like-minded people with a question: What are Business Services and Why do they matter?  As human beings first... Continue Reading →

Are you a PM, Consultant, or anyone involved with IT or Organizational projects? Then take some time to read this article.

If after reading you are interested in more around ITIL, ITSM, or PM Processes and PM tools then poke around the site and #LearnNOW.

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A lot of things need to occur to get a project started. For the project manager, understanding the basics about the project – the goal, timing, budget are some of the tasks to getting organized. Included in that understanding is who will do what tasks for the project.

A great way to get organized and develop that overall understanding about the make up of a project is to document. No, really, it is. There are several basic documents that come to mind. As separate and distinct files, those include the scope,charter, schedule and raci matrix. Each of these is important for upfront planning and also during execution of the project. I have found that writing or contributing to each of these is very helpful. Being able to communicate the knowledge of  the what, how and who during a project kick-off meeting helps get the team up to speed quickly. Most…

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4 IT Process Consulting Tips from Fred Luddy #ServiceNow #FruitionPartners

The Case to Get Off Categories (and use a CMDB) #ServiceNow #Acorio

Top Solutions for IT Asset Management Success

Consolidate and leverage ITSM and service automation investment to maximum business advantage.

Every once in a while its time to open the vault and re-read a few of the posts I've read or posted and share them. This week I am bringing back a post Originally posted on the ServiceNow Community pages by... Continue Reading →

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