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ServiceNow CMS Pre-Planning & Planning, Designed to equip you with tools to get started with your Planning efforts. Let's Build! Testing Time Launch It! Support & Training for Ongoing Maintenance  Overview The ServiceNow Content Management System (CMS) is a powerful application which... Continue Reading →

ServiceNow Admin 101: Observations on Database Views, Part I

STEP 1: PRE-PLANNING: Get to know the tool you've just purchased and the resources available to you and your organization. Research IT! For tips on learning ServiceNOW and/or resources available. Review my post "5 Steps To Learning ServiceNOW, NOW!" Use IT! Most customers who've purchased ServiceNow will have at least a PROD and DEV instance available for there organization. If you'd like to stay away from using your DEV instance for playtime; then my recommendations would be to either navigate to the ServiceNow DEMO site or ServiceNow Developer site. Populate IT! Get your stakeholders on-board and in the tool. STEP 2: PLAN Make Sure Everyone Understands and Agrees on Strategy. Identify, Examine, and Correct Process Gaps (Where You Can) Before you start a "project" to implement ServiceNow take a few..

What is the ServiceNow Orchestration Application? Orchestration automates simple or complex multi-system tasks on remote servers that are normally done manually. An Orchestration process can cross all management disciplines and interact with all types of infrastructure elements, such as applications,... Continue Reading →

Lately I have seen a fair amount of talk on the ServiceNow Community around challenges felt by customers migrating from ServiceNow Knowledge Base Eureka V2 to Fuji V3. So rather than write up a long winded blog post displaying various... Continue Reading →

How did this simple conversation between colleagues become a blog post? This all started as most do, as a conversation between two like-minded people with a question: What are Business Services and Why do they matter?  As human beings first... Continue Reading →

A Well thought out and written article. *Common definition for SMART: Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Reasonable and Timed How often are your projects SMART? If you asked for that as a requirement, what are your expectations for a response?

Are you a PM, Consultant, or anyone involved with IT or Organizational projects? Then take some time to read this article.

If after reading you are interested in more around ITIL, ITSM, or PM Processes and PM tools then poke around the site and #LearnNOW.

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A lot of things need to occur to get a project started. For the project manager, understanding the basics about the project – the goal, timing, budget are some of the tasks to getting organized. Included in that understanding is who will do what tasks for the project.

A great way to get organized and develop that overall understanding about the make up of a project is to document. No, really, it is. There are several basic documents that come to mind. As separate and distinct files, those include the scope,charter, schedule and raci matrix. Each of these is important for upfront planning and also during execution of the project. I have found that writing or contributing to each of these is very helpful. Being able to communicate the knowledge of  the what, how and who during a project kick-off meeting helps get the team up to speed quickly. Most…

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Service-Now JavaScript Library Resource

4 IT Process Consulting Tips from Fred Luddy #ServiceNow #FruitionPartners

The Case to Get Off Categories (and use a CMDB) #ServiceNow #Acorio

Bringing the Update Set Picker back from the UI14 Gear Menu

Top Solutions for IT Asset Management Success

This article was Originally posted by Tony Fugere and can be found - here ServiceNow Admin 101: Eureka Release and Upgrade Best Practices ServiceNow administrators can work more efficiently simply by following a few tips, and in the Admin 101 Series... Continue Reading →

ServiceNow Advanced Application Checklist: 3 Steps to Success

BDNA Link has been updated and you should now be able to register on BDNA website and watch this complimentary video. –#ServiceNow Advanced Application Checklist: 3 Steps to Success

SNC Development

Trust me. Help yourself and your organization by learning how to reduce risk, achieve faster time to market, and higher user adoption rates #NOW. Watch this Webinar #REPLAY of Cloud Sherpas own Jon Reynolds as he explains essential steps to #ServiceNow Success.
Below is a glimpse into the IMPORTANT information you will find within this #webinar;  you can start using today. (You will have to register with BDNA website, but its certainly worth the 2 minutes.)

Consolidate your data, Know your data, and stop the guessing game Consolidate your data, Know your data, and stop the guessing game

ServiceNow offers a powerful platform that is often under-utilized and can be  expanded beyond just the core ITSM applications to realize truly organization-wide  efficiencies and value. If you are a ServiceNow user looking to expand, join Jon  Reynolds from Cloud Sherpas, to learn the things you absolutely need to do before  you go too deep. Jon will draw from his rich experience dealing…

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