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ServiceNow Advanced Application Checklist: 3 Steps to Success

BDNA Link has been updated and you should now be able to register on BDNA website and watch this complimentary video. –#ServiceNow Advanced Application Checklist: 3 Steps to Success

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Trust me. Help yourself and your organization by learning how to reduce risk, achieve faster time to market, and higher user adoption rates #NOW. Watch this Webinar #REPLAY of Cloud Sherpas own Jon Reynolds as he explains essential steps to #ServiceNow Success.
Below is a glimpse into the IMPORTANT information you will find within this #webinar;  you can start using today. (You will have to register with BDNA website, but its certainly worth the 2 minutes.)

Consolidate your data, Know your data, and stop the guessing game Consolidate your data, Know your data, and stop the guessing game

ServiceNow offers a powerful platform that is often under-utilized and can be  expanded beyond just the core ITSM applications to realize truly organization-wide  efficiencies and value. If you are a ServiceNow user looking to expand, join Jon  Reynolds from Cloud Sherpas, to learn the things you absolutely need to do before  you go too deep. Jon will draw from his rich experience dealing…

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ServiceNow Discovery 101: Using Behaviors

Discovery 101: Using Behaviors Last month, I shared best practices for creating schedules in the ServiceNow Discovery application. To recap, the Discovery schedule is a key component of the application because it dictates what systems need to be scanned and... Continue Reading →

ServiceNow Discovery 101: Take Back Control!

Let Cloud Sherpas own Tony Fugere (@tonyfugere) show you how to regain control of your #ServiceNow environment. ServiceNow Discovery is great tool for importing data into the CMDB. In the Discovery 101 series I will introduce some of the best... Continue Reading →

ServiceNow Admin 101: Mobile Interfaces

This weeks TECH Tuesday comes from Cloud Sherpas Tony Fugere @tonyfugere. "ServiceNow administrators can work more efficiently simply by following a few tips, and in the Admin 101 Series Tony introduces some of the best tips to simplify the working... Continue Reading →

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