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STEP 1: PRE-PLANNING: Get to know the tool you've just purchased and the resources available to you and your organization. Research IT! For tips on learning ServiceNOW and/or resources available. Review my post "5 Steps To Learning ServiceNOW, NOW!" Use IT! Most customers who've purchased ServiceNow will have at least a PROD and DEV instance available for there organization. If you'd like to stay away from using your DEV instance for playtime; then my recommendations would be to either navigate to the ServiceNow DEMO site or ServiceNow Developer site. Populate IT! Get your stakeholders on-board and in the tool. STEP 2: PLAN Make Sure Everyone Understands and Agrees on Strategy. Identify, Examine, and Correct Process Gaps (Where You Can) Before you start a "project" to implement ServiceNow take a few..


Do you remember when you first heard about ServiceNow? Or the first time you were asked to use ServiceNow? How did you learn to use it? What resources were available to you? And what were your biggest struggles? If you’ve... Continue Reading →

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