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SERVICENOW TECH TUESDAYS: REFERENCING TEMPLATESExcerpt:"I recently did an internal Lunch-and-Learn for my fellow Professional Services group during which we talked about templates and record producers.You may scratch your head and wonder what the two have in common, but they are... Continue Reading →

Configuring an LDAP Server in ServiceNowAdministrators typically enable an LDAP integration to allow single sign-on of ServiceNow users from their company LDAP directory.This YouTube tutorial from ServiceNow is a simple and straightforward overview of how this can be accomplished or... Continue Reading →

Enhancing ServiceNow with the Basics: Service Desk Reporting


Need to add Related List within #ServiceNow? Learn more about creating custom-defined relationships

Hey Everyone! Its been a little while since I've posted and to tell the truth its been a crazy few months. However, I wanted to take a break and thought this post from fellow Sherpa Valor Poland was a perfect... Continue Reading →

Enhancing the ServiceNow Nav Filter

Quick video to help with Enhancing the ServiceNow Nav filters. If you have questions, please let me know I am sure myself or one of my Cloud Sherpa professionals can help.

20 Exceptional CSS Boilerplates and Frameworks

Awesome List and Guidance! TY!! I Read this first on Mashable btw and loved it, glad you posted to WP as well.

ServiceNow – How to control what comes back in the SOAP response with a View

TY! Good Stuff!

Techie Geek

Recently I have been getting a lot of questions and request about an old Knowledge presentation (concerning how we use views) to control a SOAP response. It may be best to blog it here and share.

First thing is first, lets create a special view on the incident table that only has number and short description and updated date. NOTE here: You want to create a view on the Incident Form if you are going to be getting an individual incident. There is a different list view when getting list. If you are getting list of incidents you would personalize the List Layout instead of the Form Layout in steps below.

Step 1: Open an Incident and Personalize Form Layout
Step 2: In the drop down section of the view select New (and give it a name).
Step 3: With your form view selected – pick the data you want…

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Dealing with XML API – Parsing the SOAP response

Techie Geek

Not gonna really try and show off anything here – but the documentation for XML API is a bit foggy and I want to share this. I tried to use a few common XML API calls that are a bit of a challenge to find out about.

Lets pretend you get a SOAP response and you want to manually iterate through that response envelope that has this structure:

<s:Envelope xmlns:s="">
      <ns0:Root xmlns:ns0="http://Schemas.SNResponse_RigData">

Here are a few API calls you will need:

      this.fSoapDoc = new XMLDocument(requestXML);
      var soapBody = this.fSoapDoc.getNode("/Envelope/Body/Root");

      var nodelist = soapBody.getChildNodes();
      for (var i=0; i < nodelist.getLength(); i++) {
          var kidNode = nodelist.item(i);
          if (kidNode.getNodeType() == {
            var fieldName =;
            var fieldValue =;
            gs.log("FIELD NAME: " + fieldName, "cmaloy");
            gs.log("FIELD VALUE: " + fieldValue, "cmaloy");

This is going to get the name and value of the Status…

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Troubleshooting one to many related lists in ServiceNow

Quick video from ServiceNow around troubleshooting one to many related lists. This is part one of the series and suggest watching in its entirety. Troubleshooting in ServiceNow Series If you still have questions please let me know. I'm always interested... Continue Reading →

Create a Custom ‘New’ Button on a Related List to Return to the Parent Record After Clicking Save

Create VisualForce Tab to Display Static List View for Standard or Custom Object

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