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COO & Principal Consultant for EcoStratus Technologies with more than 20+ years enterprise technology experience as a trusted advisor and valued partner. I work with clients to architect, build, innovate, and cultivate their customer and employee experiences. From the beginning, I embed myself within a client's business for a series of strategic activities that drive organizational alignment, prioritization, solution design, and development. I start with business outcomes and ensure projects are meticulously scoped, thoughtfully executed, and deliver results across the business.

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Consolidate and leverage ITSM and service automation investment to maximum business advantage.

Every once in a while its time to open the vault and re-read a few of the posts I've read or posted and share them. This week I am bringing back a post Originally posted on the ServiceNow Community pages by... Continue Reading →


ServiceNow Admin 101: Creating a “Top of Page” Link for Service Catalog Pages.

Have you ever wondered? Is it possible to create a link that jumps to the top of the page on a Service Catalog Item in #ServiceNow? In this weeks ServiceNow Admin 101: Creating a “Top of Page” Link for Service... Continue Reading →

New! Support: Top 10 Popular Solutions Below are the top 10 solutions this week. For issues with Personalize Choices - KB0529164: When using Personalize Choices, New Choices (sys_choice) are shown as invalid (blue) in list view For issues with operator property... Continue Reading →

Service-Now data pull – python vs perl

AngularJS UI Page Framework

Checking off my To Do List  #NOW ServiceNow #KNOW14 and even more excited about tomorrow, can it get any better? I'm not so sure but then again, that seems to be what ServiceNow's been doing all along. Frank Slootman, President and... Continue Reading →

GlideAjax and JSON

Thanks Jeff. Handy Tips and work around.

Jeff Benedict

In the last month I have been doing quite a bit of client side JavaScript using jQuery and AngularJS and initially had some challenges working with these frameworks and the ServiceNow GlideAjax object due to only being able to pass string values as a parameter.  For example, below is the example GlideAjax usage from the ServiceNow Wiki site:

var ga = new GlideAjax(‘HelloWorld’);
ga.getXML(HelloWorldParse);function HelloWorldParse(response) {
var answer = response.responseXML.documentElement.getAttribute(“answer”);

The limitation for me was the “sysparm_user_name”  parameter for what if I wanted to pass in an Array, Object or a list of records to be updated?  This is especially relevant if you start leveraging AngularJS, for with AngularJS you are going to want to filter, sort and update rows of data with client side JavaScript and therefore need structured data variables for which to manipulate.

The solution for me is JSON and attached is an update set…

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ServiceNow Discovery 101: Using Behaviors

Discovery 101: Using Behaviors Last month, I shared best practices for creating schedules in the ServiceNow Discovery application. To recap, the Discovery schedule is a key component of the application because it dictates what systems need to be scanned and... Continue Reading →

Workaround For GlideRecord SetWorkflow (false) Issue

Thanks for sharing Ahmed. Excellent info.
Ahmed wrote: “As part of the GlideRecord API comes the function setWorkflow(false) .

If you’ve never used this before, essentially this function switches off the running of any subsequent business rules or workflows. This is really useful in a number of scenarios, for example when you need to update a lot of records in bulk and do not want emails to be automatically sent out for each one. ”

ServiceNow Gems

As part of the GlideRecord API comes the function setWorkflow(false) .

If you’ve never used this before, essentially this function switches off the running of any subsequent business rules or workflows. This is really useful in a number of scenarios, for example when you need to update a lot of records in bulk and do not want emails to be automatically sent out for each one.

I’ve been recently working on archiving and using the OOB implementation was just too slow for us (OOB was taking approximately 5 minutes to archive one incident and 5 tasks, my custom one now archive 150 incidents, 500 tasks, all audit records, journal records, attachments etc, in less than a minute).

But while doing this, I needed to delete records from one place in ServiceNow and put them somewhere else. I didn’t want it audited that I deleted these records nor did I want…

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How to Use Background Scripts

Great tips for #ServiceNow Admin. Careful with background #scripts.



Background Scripts are Service-Now’s most direct method to run JavaScript directly against the server. This makes them an excellent way to test out the code intended for use in Script Includes, Scheduled Jobs, and Business Rules. Additionally, this is one of the best ways to cobble together text based reports that are too complicated for the reporting module – I’ve often used Background Scripts to aid in outage post-mortem investigations.


While powerful, Background Scripts can be dangerous. If you aren’t careful, you can delete all kinds of important or system-critical records. Even more likely, a poorly written script might run indefinitely, causing system performance issues.


  1. As an admin, use the lock icon to elevate your privileges to “security_admin”.Elevating PrivilegesElevating Privileges Dialogue
  2. Look in the left-hand navigation for “ -> Background Scripts”, and click away.Finding Background Scripts
  3. You’ll see a large box that you can input your JavaScript into, unfortunately there’s no error…

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ServiceNow Advanced Application Checklist: 3 Steps to Success

Trust me. Help yourself and your organization by learning how to reduce risk, achieve faster time to market, and higher user adoption rates #NOW. Watch this Webinar #REPLAY of Cloud Sherpas own Jon Reynolds as he explains essential steps to... Continue Reading →

ServiceNow Discovery 101: Take Back Control!

Let Cloud Sherpas own Tony Fugere (@tonyfugere) show you how to regain control of your #ServiceNow environment. ServiceNow Discovery is great tool for importing data into the CMDB. In the Discovery 101 series I will introduce some of the best... Continue Reading →

ServiceNow Admin 101: Mobile Interfaces

This weeks TECH Tuesday comes from Cloud Sherpas Tony Fugere @tonyfugere. "ServiceNow administrators can work more efficiently simply by following a few tips, and in the Admin 101 Series Tony introduces some of the best tips to simplify the working... Continue Reading →



Top 10 Best Practices for CMS Deployment Great Article from Cloud Sherpas own Jason Wojahn around BP for CMS Deployment. Excerpt below: " We recently launched a new CMS Workshop, with one session hosted in Denver last week and a second... Continue Reading →

SERVICENOW TECH TUESDAYS: REFERENCING TEMPLATESExcerpt:"I recently did an internal Lunch-and-Learn for my fellow Professional Services group during which we talked about templates and record producers.You may scratch your head and wonder what the two have in common, but they are... Continue Reading →

Configuring an LDAP Server in ServiceNowAdministrators typically enable an LDAP integration to allow single sign-on of ServiceNow users from their company LDAP directory.This YouTube tutorial from ServiceNow is a simple and straightforward overview of how this can be accomplished or... Continue Reading →

Enhancing ServiceNow with the Basics: Service Desk Reporting

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