ServiceNow has acquired observability and monitoring leader Lightstep in a move to strengthen its AiOps, DevOps, and digital workflow capabilities.

Below are excerpts from ServiceNow press release and can be read in its entirety here.

By acquiring Lightstep, ServiceNow will solidify and accelerate its position as the world’s leading enterprise platform for digital businesses. ServiceNow is already a recognized market leader in IT service management, IT operations management and digital workflows. With Lightstep, an emerging pioneer in next generation application monitoring and observability, ServiceNow will help DevOps engineers build, deploy, run and monitor state‑of‑the‑art, cloud‑native applications. Together, ServiceNow and Lightstep will extend the benefits of observability across the enterprise through digital workflows that convert real‑time insights into action across all the technologies, people, and processes that enable digital business. 


Lightstep is the trusted observability solution for both born‑in‑the‑cloud companies like GitHub, Spotify and Twilio and fast‑growing enterprises whose businesses are increasingly reliant on software applications.  The Lightstep platform provides a unified approach to observability with system‑wide visibility and insights integrated across metrics, distributed traces, and logs. This helps organizations speed software development velocity without compromising quality and to drive faster innovation across the entire digital customer experience.

ServiceNow Press Release

How Lightstep Works

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