Do you have a minute? Or four minutes? That’s all you’ll need to read this Pro Tip!

If you’re spending precious time filling in form fields that could be automatically populated and you’ve been looking for a solution, then the ServiceNow Template Bar is your answer.

Form Templates simplify the process of submitting new records by populating fields automatically.

The Steps

Navigate to a module within the Navigation Panel, for demonstration purposes I’ve chosen an application I created to satisfy my SNKR obsession and catalog my sneakers which I’ve labeled “Dipped Kicks” .

Select “Dipped Kicks List”

Then select “New” in list view

You should now have a blank form similar to the image below

Activate the Toggle Bar

Navigate to bottom of form and by selecting the + Create a New Template

Click ‘Submit’

To populate your newly created template; select it at the bottom of the form

Thats it. Congratulations! You’ve done it.

What’s Next

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