In 2014 I published an article entitled ” What are Business Services and Why Do They, Matter,” since then, I’ve received numerous questions but none more than one.

How do you get started creating Business Services?

Action items in this article are intended for the implementation owner (s), who can be a primary business stakeholder, project manager, or another stakeholder who manages the project and decision-making processes.


It is a starting point to provide a working document and framework that enables you to build and deliver value faster. It is starting point for helping you quickly understand ServiceNow Service Mapping, tools and resources available to you, and potentially as a guide for mapping services and documentation which aligns with organizational strategy alignment.

A lot has changed since the Fuji release when I wrote that article and, in the way, ServiceNow recommends customers look at defining and mapping business services. So make sure you review the ServiceNow documentation for Service mapping.

Step 1: Read “What are business services and why they matter” article noted at the start of this article.

Step 2: Understand What is a Business Service?

Step 3: Understand that your organization may already have them.

Step 4: Review the information provided within the links below.

  1. ServiceNow Business Services Playbook
  2. ServiceNow documentation Business Service Mapping
What are Business Services

According to ITIL, “Business service: A service that is delivered to business customers by business units”. For example, delivery of financial services to customers of a bank, or goods to the customers of a retail store. Successful delivery of business services often depends on one or more IT services.

What is Service Mapping?

As described by the ServiceNow product documentation site. The ServiceNow® Service Mapping application discovers all business services in your organization and builds a comprehensive map of all devices, applications, and configuration profiles used in these business services. Service Mapping maps dependencies, based on a connection between devices and applications. This method is referred to as top-down mapping. The top-down mapping helps you immediately see the impact of a problematic object on the rest of the business service operation.

Service Mapping is available as a separate subscription and requires activation by ServiceNow personnel.

Service Mapping Application Highlights

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