Intellibot brings rich talent and IP to extend automation and RPA capabilities within the Now Platform

ServiceNow is the latest to enter the RPA arena with today’s announcement that it will acquire Intellibot of Hyderabad, India. This comes on the heels of ServiceNow’s recent “no-code, low-code” announcement earlier this month (March) and appears to be part of their larger workflow strategy.

In October 2020, ServiceNow was named a Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader for enterprise low-code applications, and this acquisition would certainly add to an already impressive offering by ServiceNow and strengthen its positioning for 2021.

After reading today’s press release from ServiceNow, it’s apparent ServiceNow is committed to enhancing its RPA automation capabilities, listening to its customers, and providing an end-end automation solution that delivers on its purpose statement of making work, work better for people and making companies and organizations more productive.

“ServiceNow is the platform of platforms for the workflow revolution, offering powerful end‑to‑end automation capabilities that allow customers to streamline business decisions and unlock new levels of productivity,” said Josh Kahn, SVP of Creator Workflow Products at ServiceNow. “Our customers represent nearly 80 percent of the Fortune 500, and the vast majority are trying to drive automation across a mix of legacy and modern applications. With Intellibot, we will extend ServiceNow’s ability to help customers connect systems so they can easily automate workflows and drive productivity.”

ServiceNow has been on a buying spree lately buying five companies including Element AILoom SystemsPassage AI, and Sweagle. According to ServiceNow’s Josh Kahn, SVP of Creator Workflow Products, these acquisitions are all in the service of helping companies create automation across the organization.

Mr. Kahn reinforces these sentiments and ServiceNow’s commitment to their customers by going on to say, “ServiceNow customers can build workflows that incorporate bots from the pure-play RPA vendors such as Automation Anywhere, UiPath, and Blue Prism, and we will continue to partner with those companies. There will be many instances where customers want to use our native RPA capabilities alongside those from our partners as they build intelligent, end-to-end automation workflows on the Now Platform,”.

Mr. Kahn continues by saying “As we bring all of these technologies into the Now Platform, we will accelerate our ability to automate more and more sophisticated use cases. Things like better handling of unstructured data from documents such as written forms, emails, and PDFs, and more resilient automation such as larger data sets and non-routine tasks,”

The full details of the deal have not yet been disclosed and the companies are expected to close the deal no later than Q2/June 2021.

To learn more about ServiceNow’s automation capabilities, visit the ServiceNow blog.