Do you remember when you first heard about ServiceNow? Or the first time you were asked to use ServiceNow?

How did you learn ServiceNow?

What resources were available to you? And what were your biggest struggles?

If you’ve been working in ServiceNow for a couple of years then you’ve likely been asked on more than one occasion “Where can I find good information on ServiceNow?” from colleagues, connections, or anyone else you meet or know that is interested in gaining deeper insight and experience either learning or using and developing using ServiceNow Platform.

In this post I share a few of the resources I use myself and sometimes on a daily basis and others that I feel are great resources to have at your fingertips as you dive deeper into ServiceNow and the supporting ecosystem on your way to becoming a ServiceNow Jedi!

STEP 1: Build A Solid Foundation.

Review the ServiceNow Training website. For those that have the mean$ and can enroll in formal ServiceNow Training Classes, I highly recommend these as your first step.

Now, having said that my guess is that the majority of those reading this post are in one of three camps.

  1. Your Organization has limited budget and they are not able to send you to formal training classes
  2. You have taken formal ServiceNow training classes and you are now looking to expand your ServiceNow knowledge.
  3. You are taken formal ServiceNow classes at a later time/date and getting a head start on learning ServiceNow.

Whatever your situation is, I wanted to let you know you’re in luck!

STEP 2: Start with the BASICS:

  1. ServiceNow Home Page
  2. ServiceNow WIKI:
    1. Basically the Bible for ServiceNow. Here you will find all the product documentation you can handle.
  3. ServiceNow Books  (ServiceNow Wiki)
    1. Build books from product documentation and save them as pdf’s for easier reading on your iPad, iPhone, or other mobile device.
  4. ServiceNow Community / SNUGS or ServiceNow User Groups
    1. Signup for a SNUG near you & get involved!
  5. ServiceNow Foundations Courses

STEP 3: Expand Your ServiceNow Knowledge:

  1. ServiceNow Blog
  2. ServiceNow Useful Scripts:
  3. ServiceNow Slideshare
  4. ServiceNow Vimeo
  5. ServiceNow Brighttalk
    1. Former ServiceNow employee who started CrossFuze (ServiceNow Partner)
  7. ServiceNow Youtube
  8. ServiceNow Community YouTube Videos
  9. EcoStratus: A Collection of ServiceNow Tutorials & Videos (My ServiceNow YouTube Playlist), Explore the #EcoStratus Technologies BLOG, Contact me for further resources.
  10.  Knowledge Base: New HI Improvements
    1. This landing page points to resources will help you become familiar with HI (ServiceNow Support Page). This is also where you will go to file service requests related to your (insert company) instances.
  11. Knowledge Base: Solutions Resources Pages
    1. Solutions resource pages list Knowledge Base articles and additional support resources that cover common topics.
  12.  Product Documentation: Getting Started
    1. Review training, term glossaries, introductory books and an overview of the product in the ServiceNow product documentation.
  13. ServiceNow Personal Developer Instance –  Developers Site

STEP 4: Connect with other ServiceNow Professionals.

  1. Join various ServiceNow LinkedIn Groups
  2. As mentioned above – Join the ServiceNow Community & local SNUGS or ServiceNow User Groups
    1. Signup for a SNUG near you & get involved
    1. This is ServiceNow’s biggest event of the year and a chance for you to network with other ServiceNow professionals, take certified training classes, and have fun!

STEP 5: Hold On & Enjoy the Journey!

Welcome to YOUR ServiceNow Community!!




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