4 IT Process Consulting Tips from Fred Luddy

Fred Luddy, founder and Chief Product Officer of industry-leading IT service management software company ServiceNow, has decades of experience with IT process consulting and has seen the role of IT shift dramatically over the past few years. In his recent keynote address at fruDevCon, Luddy outlined a few of his top notes for software programmers regarding IT transformation and the role of technology professionals in today’s enterprise:

1) Build for others
According to Luddy, one of the biggest mistakes software development teams can make when coding is only thinking about how they would approach the issue, failing to fully account for the needs of end users. The IT department has established a reputation at some firms as the Department of No, meaning that in-house technology professionals are not always known as the ones willing to meet with and help out end users. Luddy said that this absolutely needs to change if the IT department is going to create a sustainable future for itself, as technology should never make people feel dumb.

2) Don’t become complacent
Another major issue is that IT professionals often become complacent in regard to the technology they work with and the IT process consulting they offer. Familiarity breeds contempt, and a lack of innovation from IT departments all but ensures that they are incapable of meeting rising end-user demand.

3) Think first, code later

The primary purpose of software development teams is to solve problems, not just to create new systems, Luddy said. As such, IT service management software professionals should first take the time to brainstorm around a singular issue before writing any lines of code. He noted that developers are often overreliant on coding, which leads them to include far more lines than are actually necessary to deliver a quality product. This trend, if left unchecked, can lead to inefficient solutions that ultimately lead to inferior products for end users.

4) Consider the demands of the future
In his decades within the ITSM and IT process consulting space, Luddy said that much has changed. This is especially true with coding and software development, as he has gone from using punch cards to sophisticated in-browser assistance tools. With this in mind, IT departments need to develop and facilitate solutions that can grow with the company and its evolving computing demands. In particular, as the Internet of Everything and enterprise mobility become further entrenched in corporate frameworks, the best ITSM solutions will account for this shift and best leverage the IT department’s benefits to boost the company’s efforts.

“Technology, when done right, can be extremely liberating,” Luddy said.



In a recent keynote address at fruDevCon, ServiceNow founder Fred Luddy outlined a few of his top notes for software programmers regarding IT transformation and the role of technology professionals in today’s enterprise.

“Innovation is the key to survival,” Luddy said.

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