New! Support: Top 10 Popular Solutions

Below are the top 10 solutions this week.

  1. For issues with Personalize Choices – KB0529164: When using Personalize Choices, New Choices (sys_choice) are shown as invalid (blue) in list view
  2. For issues with operator property issues – KB0523792: The property ‘’ does not have the desired effect on knowledge under CMS
  3. For issues with the Stage field in workflow – KB0523001: Stages – Workflow stages are not translated
  4. For issues with loops in workflow – KB0523797: Platform – Workflows can be put into a preventable recursive loop with current.update()
  5. For Discovery versioning issues – KB0534813: Discovery does not populate version field for ISS web servers
  6. For for page size issues in IE9 – KB0534768: CMS pages size incorrectly in IE9 when BODY height is not set to auto
  7. For password issues in IE11 – KB0535211: Internet Explorer 11 clears contents of second password field on a form
  8. For data lookup issues – KB0523069: Data Lookup – Two data lookup on same source will not work
  9. For ACL access issues – KB0523296: [Q] Out-of-box ACLs to allow users to view records they are approving are not allowing access
  10. For issues with loading certificates – KB0524541: LDAPS failed to load DBKeyStore would fall back to a file keystone which changes JVM wide

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** Originally posted by  heidi.schnakenberg‘s via ServiceNow Community: Support: Top 10 Popular Solutions | ServiceNow.