Checking off my To Do List  #NOW ServiceNow #KNOW14 and even more excited about tomorrow, can it get any better? I’m not so sure but then again, that seems to be what ServiceNow’s been doing all along.


Frank Slootman, President and CEO of ServiceNow told the audience during his keynote:

“We really think IT needs to start thinking differently about itself. Too many of us think of IT as another department like facilities, HR or a general services type department – we don’t see it that way,” he said, arguing that IT needs to be strong enough to be the backbone for whole organizations as more move their services into the cloud.”

“It is becoming become the backbone – or has already become – for organizations, the enterprise and institutions. It’s really more like this and becoming more and more this way and as IT, we’ll need to think of ourselves that way.”

“We are the backbone that everything else rests on, it is the modern day manufacturing in many ways,” he added.

He later sat down with Dave Vallente and Jeff Frick @thecube to discuss his keynote and how he asks CIO’s ” What have you done in the last 12 months that really blew peoples minds.” when it comes to applying technology to business challenges? Listen to what they had to say, it might surprise you.

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