Great tips for #ServiceNow Admin. Careful with background #scripts.



Background Scripts are Service-Now’s most direct method to run JavaScript directly against the server. This makes them an excellent way to test out the code intended for use in Script Includes, Scheduled Jobs, and Business Rules. Additionally, this is one of the best ways to cobble together text based reports that are too complicated for the reporting module – I’ve often used Background Scripts to aid in outage post-mortem investigations.


While powerful, Background Scripts can be dangerous. If you aren’t careful, you can delete all kinds of important or system-critical records. Even more likely, a poorly written script might run indefinitely, causing system performance issues.


  1. As an admin, use the lock icon to elevate your privileges to “security_admin”.Elevating PrivilegesElevating Privileges Dialogue
  2. Look in the left-hand navigation for “ -> Background Scripts”, and click away.Finding Background Scripts
  3. You’ll see a large box that you can input your JavaScript into, unfortunately there’s no error…

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