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Its been a little while since I’ve posted and to tell the truth its been a crazy few months. However, I wanted to take a break and thought this post from fellow Sherpa Valor Poland was a perfect way to break my silence.  Thanks @Valor!

Cloud Sherpa Valor Poland dives into one little-known (and underutilized) feature of #ServiceNow: http://goo.gl/EjbRg:

Every once in a while, I get a request to add a “Related List” for items that are not direct relationships within ServiceNow. One little-known (and underutilized) feature of ServiceNow is custom-defined relationships.

Here are a few user requests that we often receive: 

  • Show all fields that exist on a given form, across all form sections (this is a part of our Administration EXCELerator)

  • On a Change Request, show a combined list of Incidents AND Problems (and Incidents related to those problems)

  • Add a list of notifications (and allow a new one to be created) from an Event Registry entry

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Check back soon for more ServiceNow #KNOWLEDGE!

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