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Not gonna really try and show off anything here – but the documentation for XML API is a bit foggy and I want to share this. I tried to use a few common XML API calls that are a bit of a challenge to find out about.

Lets pretend you get a SOAP response and you want to manually iterate through that response envelope that has this structure:

<s:Envelope xmlns:s="">
      <ns0:Root xmlns:ns0="http://Schemas.SNResponse_RigData">

Here are a few API calls you will need:

      this.fSoapDoc = new XMLDocument(requestXML);
      var soapBody = this.fSoapDoc.getNode("/Envelope/Body/Root");

      var nodelist = soapBody.getChildNodes();
      for (var i=0; i < nodelist.getLength(); i++) {
          var kidNode = nodelist.item(i);
          if (kidNode.getNodeType() == {
            var fieldName =;
            var fieldValue =;
            gs.log("FIELD NAME: " + fieldName, "cmaloy");
            gs.log("FIELD VALUE: " + fieldValue, "cmaloy");

This is going to get the name and value of the Status…

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